Jezabel Vessir and Sarah Banks

Good influences and bad influences. We’ve all had them, just like barely-legal Sarah Banks. Her bad influence is none other than Jezabel Vessir. Jezabel loves corrupting innocent Sarah every chance she gets. Take today, for example, they’re just hanging out and window shopping when they come across an adult bookstore. Before Sarah knows it, Jezabel’s dragging her in! If that wasn’t enough for poor Sarah, once they take in all the smutty DVDs and sex toys, Jezabel’s dragging her to the back of the store into the video booths area. And then dragging her into a booth. After some mutual titty squeezing and nipple-sucking, Sarah’s innocence is taken as soon as an anonymous white cock emerges through a hole in the wall that separates them from the adjoining booth! The view of Sarah’s full, round and tattooed ass cheeks bouncing off of the gloryhole wall, as she rides that random white dick bareback, is nothing short of spectacular! And wait until you see the size of the load Jezabel milks from the white boy onto Sarah’s cum-catching face! In addition to her pretty ebony face, that giant load even splattered the braces on Sarah’s barely-legal teeth!! Mission accomplished for Jezabel Vessir!