Monique Symone – 2nd Visit

You know the old saying: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” If you think that isn’t true, settle down to watch Monique Symone in action. She’s discovered her man is messing around with a snow bunny, and to even the score, she’s made her way to her favorite adult bookshop, the one in the better part of town. The one where random white cocks pop through the gloryhole video booths more often than not! Some anonymous white guy is going to luck out today! Yep, payback sex with a random white dick is DEFINITELY top priority! And sure enough, one appears and it goes down without hesitation. But that’s not enough to satisfy Monique’s quest for revenge! Nope. Don’t you know she calls her cheatin’ boyfriend on her cell and let him listen in on her infidelities?! And if that wasn’t enough, why not take a few “look at me suckin’ dick” selfies and send those his way, too! She’s already decided to fuck this stranger too! But, after putting a condom on his cock, she changes her mind and rides it bareback! Yep. Cause that’s how Monique Symone rolls when you cheat on her.