Lisa Tiffian

ADMIN NOTE: Yes, Lisa Tiffian is really talking to her REAL LIFE, non-pornstar, not-in-the-industry boyfriend on the phone in this video! Watch her behind the scenes video, linked below, where she tells us herself if you don’t believe me.

Cheaters. We all know a few. Hell, you might be a cheater too. If so, you’ve probably come up with some pretty crazy lies in order to get away with your bad behavior. You’ve probably been told some incredible lies too. Well, wait until you hear some of the bullshit that comes out of Lisa Tiffian’s mouth. She’s heading to an adult bookstore to rent one of those private viewing booths, and, right before your very eyes, she’s going to tell her man she’s “out with the girls shopping” and “having lunch” whiles she’s behaving like the under-cover white-cock slut that she is. Moral of the story? Next time your gal is telling you she’s out “having Mimosas” with her girlfriends, and you hear the slurping sounds, you had better think twice about what she’s actually slurping on.